Pudukkottai District Kudumiyanmalai Shri Akilandeswari sametha Shri Sikhagireeswar Panguni Uthara Brahmotsava Veda Parayanam [12/03/2019 21/03/2019].

A humble request!

Kudumiyanamalai a village is located at the western side of Pudukkottai at a distance of 20 KMs.  Here is located a temple of 2000 years old with main deities Akilandeswari and Shri Sikhagireeswar.  His other names are Shri Nikethachaleswarar, Jayanthavaneshwarar.  He was worshipped by Lord Indiran and was blessed with a male child. Agasthiyar, Hemamaharishi and  Sutheekshnar have performed poojas here.  Lord Rama alongwith Sugreevan and Hanuman has performed pooja here to get rid of the sin by killing Ravana. Kings Swethakethu, Nalan, Kangeyan, Meenathwajan, Sundara Pandian and Pallava Kings have erected thousand pillars, hundred pillars, Aniyottikkal Mandapam and Dasavatharam statues.  There are other beautiful statues on the hill carved temples which are worth seeing. Lord Ganesh, Dhandapani, 63 Nayanmars are located in the top of the hill.  There is a big Hanuman statue at the entrance.  There are three Theerthams inside the temple and six more theerthams [water bodies] around the temple.  As per Puranas these are considered as holy water.  While the statues and stone inscriptions are under the control of Archaeology Survey of India [ASI] Temple maintenance and poojas are taken care of by the Tamilnadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment. In this ancient and holy village of Kudumiyanmalai, Dharmagna Shri K.A. Panchapagesa Dikshithar was conducting Vedaparayanam synchronising with the Panguni Utharam festival. He honoured Kanchee Mahaperiyava by writing Veda Paada Stothram (108 slokas) during his life time.

This is the 104th year of Vedaparayanam and is being conducted in memory of K.A. Panchapgesa Dikshithar  under the leadership of Shri S. Lakshmana Ganapati [Cell 94443 20464] Trustee and Secretary K.A.P.D. Charitable Trust between 12/03/2019 and 21/03/2019 at Shri  Gopalakrishna Bagavathar Bajan Hall, T.S. No. 2990, East 3rd Street, Pudukkottai. Therefore all are kindly requested to contribute liberally to conduct this Vedaparayanam in a grand manner and get the blessings of Lord Sikhagireeswarar.  This year Girivalam at Kudumiyanmalai falls on 18/03/2019 [Monday].


Donations can be sent by DDs/Cheques drawn in favour of  K A P D CHARITABLE TRUST to the following address:

.P. Krishnamurthy, Treasurer K A P D Charitable Trust, Lakshmi Nivas, F2 A Block, Krishnarekha Apts, No. 11 SRVS Colony, Keelkattalai, Chennai-600117.  Cell  94449 79959 Land line 044-22474847

On line contributions [NEFT] may please be sent to K A P D CHARITABLE TRUST CUB, Madipakkam Branch SB Account Number 500101010466104  IFSC CIUB0000151. 

Credit information may invariably please be mailed to kapdtrust@gmail.com   Please visit       www.kudumiyanmalaivedam.com


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Yours truly                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Chairman and Trustees

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     K.A. PANCHAPAGESA DIKSHITHAR CHARITABLE TRUST.                                                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Regd. No. 76/2014)